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if you’re a girl and you call everyone “bro” you need to stop because you sound unattractive and stupid

if you’re a person who thinks someone shouldn’t be allowed to use certain words because of their gender you need to stop because you sound unattractive and stupid

Shit son



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i thought i left my ipod in the theater so we went back to look for it and i couldn’t see so i turned on my ipod to give me some light so i could find my ipod do u see where this is going because i did not 

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"I am carrying such weights of absolute sadness that I must at any moment be dragged down into the deepest sea and the person trying to seize or even “rescue” me would give up, not from weakness, not even from hopelessness but from sheer annoyance."

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That’s one very devoted cat owner.

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Well, I haven’t been online much lately ‘cause of midterms and stuff, but I noticed this and just had to post it.


What is that on that bulletin board behind ya, Ralph? 






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Apple Pie Fries Tutorial {click link for FULL recipe & tutorial}

Fuck yes

anyone wanna make these with me? I can cook.

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I just saw your Mishaleck comment. I kinda wonder at times why Jared likes to mess with Misha's balls and slap his @ss. Like he's so touchy with him (I know with others too but its seems different). But with Jensen I feel something stronger about him and Misha like there's this sexual tension or like Jensen sometimes holds back. Like Jen is so touchy with other cast/friends but with Misha its different. But I guess everyone just wants a piece of Misha. ;)


Yeah see, here’s the thing, right?  Jared is touchy-feely.  He hugs people.  He picks them up and shakes them (poor Mark) he messes with them on set —both Jim and Osric have said that he messes with their feet/legs.  Misha is the only one with balls and ass stories.

I think Jared was a 0 on the Kinsey scale until he met Misha.  Now he’s a big ‘ol bicurious 1.  Ha ha.

Sexual tension between Jensen and Misha?  What?  No way.  You’re crazy.

Well, maybe you’re right.  At one point it probably was sexual tension.  Now it’s just sexual anticipation.

I think Jensen is reluctant to touch Misha (especially at American cons) because he knows it’s not innocent.  He doesn’t think twice about touching anybody else because so what?  Nothing is going on between them.  If he touches Misha—then everybody will know!  Poor thing doesn’t realize that by not touching Misha like he does the others he’s singling him out as being different.  But then, when he does give in and things get physical—it escalates quickly.

And you’re not wrong.  I think people are naturally drawn to Misha’s magnetism.  When there are group panels, often the others will glance at the speaker or whisper to each other.  Check out this Comic Con 13 picture:




How to, step-by-step, make expressions mean different things by changing just one facial feature at a time. *shrug* I’m not very good at explaining how I do expressions, I just…feel out what kinds of muscles seem to fit and tweak those. And sometimes, ever so slightly, little adjustments could mean the difference between fury and euphoria. 


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I was waiting for this.